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A digital compliance library tailored to the eGaming market and filterable by jurisdiction, risk category and/or product

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International online gambling regulations are complex. Every country, and sometimes each state or local territory within them, approaches gambling differently. Then there are variations by gambling product, and that’s just for the jurisdictions where the legislation and enforcement is clear; grey markets abound, making compliance even harder. The cost in human resource and legal fees to navigate this landscape can be significant.

InceSight, powered by Amber Gaming, solves this complexity with a detailed digital library of regulatory and compliance information. The content is written and maintained by a global network of legal professionals, ensuring that it is current and reliable, and it is delivered on a state-of-the-art digital platform that allows filtering, comparison and alert requests by jurisdiction, product and information category, far beyond the capability of anything else on the market.

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  1. Key Jurisdictions

    Using a clean and simple interface, you can easily filter across the world’s major gaming markets and licensing jurisdictions.

  2. Product Types

    A selection of product types is available for review, which include poker, casino, bingo and more. Choose exactly which products you are interested in to get specialist information and notifications, to filter out the notice.

  3. Risk Categories

    Drill down into 7 different categories comprising of general overview, licensing and regulation, enforcement, marketing, fees, taxes, and future outlook.

How it works


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How it works


Dive straight into the jurisdictions that interest you. We cover all the most popular licensing and operating jurisdictions and are adding further jurisdictions rapidly.

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In addition to outlining each jurisdiction’s general legislation for online gambling, we also provide focused detail on regulations for particular types of gambling: betting, bingo, casino, lottery, poker, skilled games and software or B2B services. See only what you need to see with our intuitive filters.

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Instead of trawling through a long and unstructured summary of laws, use our standardised format to quickly flick to the information you need. Categories include market overviews; licensing and regulation; marketing; enforcement; fees; taxes; and future outlook. Our traffic light summaries help you compare areas at a glance and the standardised headings make more detailed comparisons less labour-intensive.

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Use the same powerful filters to set tailored notifications, so you’ll be updated of any changes that occur for the jurisdictions, products, and categories you specify. Reduce the clutter in your inbox and get the latest, targeted updates from local specialists – and follow up with them directly if you have any questions.

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InceSight’s content is curated by Ince, one of the largest international legal firms specialising in online gambling, using a global network of partner firms for jurisdictional knowledge. The platform is powered by Amber Gaming, the renowned regulatory technology specialists behind the Compliance Academy.

Together, we designed InceSight from the ground up to meet the demands of busy gambling compliance professionals, who need accurate information delivered quickly and efficiently.

  • Tailored to you

    Powerful filters can be used for browsing and setting notifications, so you’re always up to date with the issues that matter to you.

  • Content you can trust

    Written, verified, and kept up to date by a network of local specialist gaming lawyers and professionals, not just lay researchers.

  • Access to experts

    Direct access to jurisdictional legal experts provides a simple follow-up if you ever need clarity or greater detail.

  • Comparative data

    Our standardised data format and traffic light summaries allow you to easily compare like for like between jurisdictions and products.

  • Digitally delivered

    A simple, mobile-ready interface designed with users in mind and rapid support means you’ll never be left frustrated.

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InceSight is a reference tool only and should not be used or in any way considered as a substitute for professional, legal, or compliance advice. We make no representations or warranties (express or implied) of any kind as to the content or materials used within the InceSight product, or their suitability for your business or particular circumstances.